Saturday, July 19, 2008

Van High Tops

These lovely, quirky shoes on the left are now at the top of my wishlist. The cute little cartoons are drawn by Keren Richter, who is currently my new idol. She has many of the same interests as me such as painting, the 60s, and of course fashion. And get this, she likes dollhouses too. Finally someone who understands me!Yay! She is a pretty sick artist. She makes many other products such as tees which you can see below, along with some of her artwork, etc.

Go to if you want to look further into this amazing artist.


Keren Richter said...

hey, i just found your blog through google reader. thanks for the write up! that's a cool photo of the sneaker, i've never seen a version that shoes the inside pattern like that before.
(by the way, it's or but no "a" )


Tori said...

oh yeah duh! i knew that xD i am just so used to writing it like 'karen' thanks. =)

Shirley's Place said...

I love the high tops.

Anonymous said...

I love those kicks ! And I love dollhouses too; I have one that I made out of cardboard. I hide my $$ under the beds in it so I don't spend it too fast lol [: