Friday, July 18, 2008

San Diego

Hi all! Back from camp. Not my best experience, last month's I went to was way better. Anyways, I am continuing to organize for San Diego. Here is a picture of my outfits that are set up. They are all sprawled out on the floor, so they might be hard to see, but here they are!! I know I have some Hollister stuff, but one is for the driving there and one is for layering so don't worry. Give me suggestions on more pieces of clothing that would be good to take to SoCal.


naroniel said...

love love love the white shorts i can see.
hmm. never been to cali, never been the us at all.
im guessing its mostly sun in cali, so i would bring a bunch of summery dresses and sandals.

Tori said...

Thanks! I just added my sis's belt to them.

Claudia&Frankie said...

I love the bikini in the top right!! that's so cute!!