Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sunday Rain Brings Outfits

Thank goodness! I have climbed out of my fashion rut. Today I just made dozens of outfits. Right when I thought I was out of ideas, I spotted a piece in my closet and thought of a brilliant idea. Here are 3 of my outfits. My camera died on me when I was taking pictures of the others.
Oh and sorry for the lack of new posts. Like I have said I was in a fashion rut.

Forever 21 Vest
Nordstrom Tank
Justice Flats
With Skinnies

DKNY Dress
Etnies Plaid Shoes
Michael Stars Tank
Maybe I will add a few necklaces

BCBG Shirt
Free People Long Sleeve Shirt
Abercrombie Skirt
Minnetonka Booties

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Gerard Butler vs McDreamy vs Chace Crawford for Versace

So you know that guy, that I met at Comic Con? Well in case you don't, his name is Gerard Butler. I have just found out he might be replacing boring old McDreamy as spokesmodel for Versace men's wear. Also, Chace Crawford has a chance as being a spokesmodel too. Now you tell me, Patrick Dempsey (bottom left...) or Chace Crawford (bottom right) or GERARD BUTLER (top photo with him in a Gap ad!).
I hope I succeeded in not being too biased with the pictures I selected! (haha just kidding)

Friday, September 12, 2008

This Year's Model

A must read for me is the book This Year's Model by the model Carol Alt. Since I am aspiring to be a model I need to read this. It is about how the modeling industry is not the glamorous as you think it is. The struggles and pressure you have to go through. Although, this does sound like a cliche book about how modeling is pressuring and blah, blah, blah, I still want to see what a real model thinks about the fashion industry. Here is a summary about the book I found on

Tall, beautiful, practical Melody Ann Croft of Morristown, New Jersey, is busting her behind as a waitress and wishing there was an easier way to earn money for college. When a customer claiming to be a fashion photographer insists she could become a model, Melody is skeptical—and totally shocked when dropping his name actually opens agency doors. Signed up before her head has even stopped spinning, she's got a new name—Mac—and is off to her first shoot. Could this be that "easier way" at last?
But in modeling, nothing's easy. Mac faces demanding diva photographers with their body-torturing, day-long sessions, and jealous rivals whose flawless beauty hides sharp claws. There are rumors and lies, lecherous model-collecting playboys, rock stars and drugs, and the most perilous pitfall of them all . . .straight male models! Temptation is everywhere, and even a level-headed Jersey girl may have trouble keeping her footing on the long, hard climb up.

This seems like a must read to me! I am going to pick it up at B and N when I have a little extra money.
Oh and are you an aspiring model too? If you are between the ages of 16-25 Carol Alt is looking for a model to put on her upcoming book "Next Year's Model" and she is holding a contest. Unfortunately, I can't enter because I am too young.

Friday, September 5, 2008


Ok so I have a lot of money from my birthday. I am going to spend it all on clothes. Here is my wish list of stuff I want. Just random wants and needs! Sorry about the slacking off on posts. I've been kind of busy.
Doc Martens for my Halloween Costume. Being a Gothic Fairy with my friends.

I've been wanting these for months! But it would be like 3/4 of my money...

Some American Apparel shorts for my dance classes. I desperately need some.

Maybe not this beret, but something similar to this, like a different pattern.

Still been wanting these! Just a bit pricey for tights. I will probably get them though.

Monday, September 1, 2008


Yes! ELLEgirl is online. I officially found that out today. Since I was kind of oozing with inspiration I needed to share some of this juicy inspiration with someone! So here are some awesome photographs from the spread 'The New It Girls'.

Oh and Gossip Girl starts tonight! Can't Wait. 4 hours and 26 more minutes.