Friday, July 25, 2008

Comic Con 2008

Back from San Diego! When everyone was dressed up in their harajuku and comic graphic tees at the Comic Con, I was roaming around the convention center in my nylon dress and vans. The Comic Con was awesome. Gerard Butler, Guy Ritchie, and the cast from Twilight were there. I didn't get to see the Twilight cast because, practically everyone who was there was coming for that. I didn't even bother waiting in the mile long line because I wanted to see Gerard. The picture above, is Gerard signing autographs for everyone for his upcoming movie RocknRolla. As I got mine he looks up at me and says "Oh you are lovely." AAAAAA! Then I got another signature on this Phantom of the Opera picture, when me, my mom, another family, and some paparazzi were waiting at this little secret place where all the actors came out to get in their cars. While waiting for about 2 hours for Gerard to come out I spoke to the paparazzi dude. He turns out to work for the TMZ show and was getting some videos. He was pretty cool. Anyways, I still wish I could've seen the Twilight cast, but Gerard was good enough. Here are pictures!

Here is Gerard and I believe Idris Elba answering questions about the new movie RocknRolla from the audience.


That guy with the sunglasses was rumored to be Ludacris, but I am not sure. He was pretty rude to his fans though.

Here we were follwing him down the corridor. He was outside were were inside.He is the guy in the white oxford and khaki pants.

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