Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Lula Magazine.

As usual, I am surfing online looking through fashion websites and online fashion magazines, when I stumble upon this wonderful magazine called Lula. Just my luck, it says it doesn't sell to the USA except to Florida. Being unable to fly to Florida to get a magazine, I look through some pictures of their spreads on fashion forums. I fall in love with their colorful photography and immediately get inspired. In case you know a secret place in the USA where they sell this wonderful magazine, let me know. Why don't you take a look at some of my favorite pictures I have found from their magazine:


mzdaizyxx3 said...

Wow, lucky me. I'm actually in Florida right now visiting my aunt and I'm leaving tomorrow. I'll be sure to try to buy a copy of Lula magazine before I go. I agree it is very colorful and now I can't wait to find a copy!

Jackie said...

lula is an absolutely fabulous magazine.

i love flipping through them on their website.

Tori said...

Wha! They have pictures on their website!! Haha. I am going to google it now.

Anonymous said...

Wow. That mag looks fantastic. Too bad I'm all the way in California, haha.
Have you checked ebay? Or maybe you could subscribe from the website? You'd think they'd ship outside of Florida.

Junkstylediva said...

did you know Lula magazine sells back issues on ebay? here is link

Also, have yu seen Magnolia Pearl website? you might get some more inspiration