Monday, July 7, 2008

Harajuku Girl

My newest inspiration....Harajuku Girls. With their pink accessories, gothic vibe, and punk wear, how can you not get inspired. If you also like this trend here are some pictures so you can get a few ideas from these abstract girls.

Different Forms of Harajuku Style:
Gothic Lolita- This style involves wearing elegant, gothic, and femine clothing. You are supposed to look as if you are a Victorian doll.
Cosplay-This is when you dress up as one of your favorite anime or cartoon character.
Kawaii-Meaning cute in Japanese is when you dress in childlike clothes. Toys, ruffles, and pastel colors are incorporated in your outfit.
Decora-This style, you decorate yourself, form head to toe, in plastic toys and jewelry.
Remember to walk around in confidence in these outfits or you will look like a poser!


EM said...

ahh there so chill
theres a book at my school with all pictures of harajuku girls
its what i read when i dont want to go to class

NewYorkChique said...

sorry, i commented on your last post by accident instead of this one.
haha but i just basically said that i linked you. and your blog is pretty awesome. =]

candiesgirl11 said...

Hey I have been to Tokyo, Japan and they dress more extravagant then the pictures on your blog.

Tori said...

Thanks everybody!!
Oh well I have never been to Tokyo, but I just posted my favorite outfits. But that is awesome, I want to go to Tokyo!

Copycat Sasha said...

AAAH I'm obsessed with Harajuku style! Finally someone understands me!

Kinsey said...

I have always been crazy about Japanese street fashion. Its just I have been a little scared to actually wear something like it. I love the colors and ruffles.
nice blog btw.

Anonymous said...

Actually, as funny as it seems, I used to be a lolita (also referred to as loli) before I become interested in Vogue, Teen Vogue, Elle, etc. Harajuku fashion is so quirky and fun!