Thursday, February 10, 2011

week in photos


1. Photo taken for my project in photography 1-2 class at school.
2.After a Saks Fifth Ave casting. Actually got my hair to slick back into a high ponytail! Wearing a Bebe top.
3. Another photo for my photography class! Which one do you like best?
4. My friends and I had a mini photoshoot for photography class this weekend. The friend who took this photo wanted a "tough but effortless" outfit. haha.

Looking forward to this weekend! School dance Friday, shopping and party Saturday, & relaxing on Sunday. (:

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J said...

love those photos:)
especially the white dress hanging on the fence:)

and the last photo is great, such effortless stylish

Journal J

Pop Champagne said...

lovely pictures you took, it really make me wish the snow would go away and we can have a warm sunny day here :)

NĂ¡dia said...

Love the pics, especially the second one! Love the pose and the ponytail on you!