Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Just another inspiration board! Really wanting: a wide brim fedora, natural long wavy hair, bohemian top, lipstick, sunglasses, basket for my bike, etc.
Sorry I have been posting these quick messages, but I have been really busy. I have tons of homework (like always) and a casting tomorrow.
Also below I have some model fan videos that I have been watching lately. They are made for Frida Gustavsson and Karlie Kloss, my favorite models at the moment!
Outfit post this weekend!


kayla marie said...

love it!

Lauren said...

I love all the looks. Thank you for your lovely comment, following your gorgeous blog! ♥

Shilpi said...

sweet inspiration board!



jessica wu said...

1st. you are absolutely stunning, love your blog.
2nd. i love karlie and fridaaa!! they're amazing.
3rd. following, nice blog ;D