Saturday, February 26, 2011

modeling adventures

I have been keeping pretty busy with modeling lately. Here is just a small post about the things I have been up to! So excited because I am going to Los Angeles for TWO weeks this summer to pursue modeling!!
1. Two of my comp cards. The left one used to be my hometown comp card and the one on the right is my Los Angeles comp card.
2. Outfit that were worn at recent castings.
3. An old photo from one of my favorite photo shoots. I put this up on a couple weeks ago and got my the most hypes I have ever gotten!

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Iulia Romana said...

You are such an incredible model ♥ I adooooooooore the lasy photos, no wonder they received the most hypes.

Hugs dear !

kayla marie said...

love the pic.'s flawless!