Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Summer '09

Now that spring break is over, I can hardly wait until summer break. I am hoping for a few summery things that I saw in the Alloy catalogue to fill my easter basket this year. Here are the items I want the Easter bunny to bring me:

While we are on the topic of summer break, did I mention that I can hardly wait? Probably did, but seriously I have tons of ideas to fill up those summer days when I am bored out of my mind. I want to make this the best summer ever. Ideas include taking photos, having a movie marathon week, shopping, flipping through magazines all day, cooking exotic food, traveling around my state, or possibly making a vlog to put on here. My list is endless though. I mostly just want to kick back, hang with friends, and do a little traveling. What are your plans for the summer?


Tariro said...

My spring break starts friday. Lol. And i love those items!

Anonymous said...

Love your blog header! And how you added yourself on the runway! :D

Em-Grace said...

hey love your blog
I blog about fashion too but my photos are as good as yours.
So totally check out my blog:
btw cool headline pic, the one of you "on the runway"