Wednesday, March 18, 2009

50s Cowgirl

I was on and got immediately inspired by this picture I found on their website. So then I went through my mom's closet, pulled out her vintage dress and leather belt. Although I would probably never wear this out in public, I just love it. I love the idea of a frilly dress paired with cowgirl accessories and items.
Dress: Vintage
Belt and Hat: Mom's
Purse: Sister's
Violin and holster: antique store


Tariro said...

Ok i seriously love this blog! Every picture of an outfit you wear is like a teen vogue editorial. Its like so inspirational and hard to explain!

Tariro said...

P.S I tagged you. Info is on my latest posts. You deserve the award :]

Tori said...

Aw thank you soo much!!

Holly Lane said...

great job, if you love Junk Gypsy's they also have a page on facebook. And while you are there look for the Haute Cowgirls page as well!! Great Fashion!