Saturday, March 14, 2009

Today's Buys.

I went shopping today for the spring clothes I seriously needed. I bought neon tees and neon shorts. Also, a pair of baggy boyfriend shorts. I am so excited to pair more outfit with these baggy shorts! Here is the stuff I bought along with an outfit I am going to wear this week at school.

Neon Green tee: Pacsun

Neon Purple Tee: Pacsun

Neon Shorts: Pacsun

Boyfriend Shorts: Forever 21


Echo said...

I love the first 3 looks, but I dont think the last pair of shorts is that complimentary to your figure. Overall looks like some good buys. :)


Tariro said...

I actually like each outfit for different reasons

I love visiting your blog. If i traded with you for clothes id be soo happy! And i want those neon shirts! I got neon anks though so they'll be for summer too

Romantic16 said...

I like the neon shirts because you really don't see alot of them around and the boyfriend shorts. cute outfits.

McCall said...

ooh i like your boyfriends shorts. no i want some too!!