Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Dance Outfits

The end of the year dance is coming up at my school and I need to find an outfit for it really soon. The dance is like prom, but less fancy and extravagant. Which outfit idea do you like better? Keep in mind that I am not copying these exact outfits, I am going to use the idea and replace it with cheaper clothes.

Cotton Candy
The idea: poofy dress with a blazer. Hair clip, pastel shoes, and bright makeup. (don't worry, I won't have this much silkiness in my outfit)

Dusk til Dawn
The idea: Poofy dress with tee over it. Bangles, bright makeup, and pastel shoes.

Promotion Dance
The idea: Frilly dress, cropped motorcycle jacket, chain bracelet. Booties with socks scrunched down.

Tell me your opinion. =D


Tariro said...

I love the third one! It just seems different yet still really awesome

soon2Bfamous said...

i think that i like the first 1 the best!

juliet said...
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silveroses said...

i really like the last one