Sunday, August 17, 2008

Outfits! finally....

A good old stay at home all day Sunday. Since I was bored (as usual) I decided to try on a bunch of outfits! Here is the one I am wearing tomorrow and another one that I am planning on wearing when it gets cooler.
Well, I just got back into the swing of fashion, I kind of got off track for a few days. It was kind of funny because I got the new Vogue on Wednesday. So when I got home I got into a fight with my mom, something petty as usual, so she told me I can't look at my Vogue anymore. So I am like big deal. Haha. Then for the rest of the week I had a 'fashion block'. But since I was bored out of my mind today, I grabbed it and started flipping through it and I had a fashion break through xD I had some many ideas for outfits all of the sudden. I never knew I was so dependent on them! Lol Here are the outfits:

Yeah this is the one I am wearing in like September when it gets cooler. Sorry for the messy room! I got the inspiration from the picture below. Doesn't it look pretty similar?

And my second outfit. I am wearing this tomorrow. Kind of hard to see, but I am wearing boy-ish black shorts.