Thursday, August 7, 2008

Boyfriend Jeans

I added a new item to my shopping list, boyfriend jeans. There has been a lot of confusion in fashion magazine, whether boyfriends jeans are fashionable or not. I am on the fashionable team. These jeans add a nice boyish touch to your outfit. You can go for the simple side and wear it with a tight/fitted tank or go even more boyish and pair it with a button down shirt. Roll your jeans almost up to your knees, add a belt, and you got yourself a nice outfit. Here is a picture that was in the Semptember issue of Nylon, that is my favorite. What is your take on these jeans?


Belle said...

The boyfriend jean look cute, comfy and casual. I really like the idea of wearing them with a button down shirt.

B. said...

i love boyfriend jeans. if you wear them with a funky top, those jeans make it look effortlessly chic. they are uuber comfy