Sunday, August 10, 2008

All About Me

While writing my "Who Are You" paper for the first day of school I start to get really into it. At first, I was really bummed that we had to write a 2 page paper about ourselves, but once I started writing I couldn't stop. Haha. I never knew I loved to talk about myself so much. I went into my fashion and art interests and talked about where I wanted to travel, everything. It was exciting.

Well, since you don't know much about me except for my clothes, here are random facts about me. Also, I just scattered some of my favorite pictures around. So yay!

1. I love dollhouses
2. I have a 15-pound Chihuahua
3. My favorite car is a Jeep Wrangler.
4. I say I hate sports, but I love them. I just say that because I am horrible at them.
5. I like to get up early and go to bed really late, but I still have a lot of energy during the day.
6. I like hip-hop music out of all the genres.
7. My guilty pleasure is Disney Channel.
8. I have a weakness for pictures with tutus. They make me happy.
9. I want to be 5 again, but with a fashion sense.
10. My favorite animals are dinosaurs and cows.


NewYorkChique said...

aw I love dinosaurs!

kelsea said...

i love this blog! its too cute, and i like your fashion journal. keep up the good work! [tutus make me happy as well!]

donna AND navaz said...

I love all your facts! What does 'shirted' mean? You have to wear a school shirt instead of your own if they don't like your outfit?

Tori said...

Shirted is like if you wear like a shagetti strap, or a shirt that shows your stomach, or is inapporiate then they make you wear a school shirt. It is so stupid. Then if I do it again I get like a one day of in school suspension. Ha. So petty.

Letitia said...

ok that last image is soooo making it into our magazine, DUJOUR...hope you dont mind being idolized for a month :)