Tuesday, May 18, 2010

what was old is new again

This outfit is inspired by a fashion editorial I found in a really old Teen Vogue. It was called "Fashionably Kate" and was about Kate Moss's Topshop line. So, I tried out Kate Moss's signature look: short shorts, vest, and a leather belt.
I was kind of grumpy while taking these photos because midway through taking them, my shoe straps broke!! They are still wearable though, so it's all good now.
Vest, belt, sunglasses: second hand
Swimsuit: Forever 21
Shorts and fringe sandals: Abercrombie


English Rose ♥ said...

Lovee this, much prettier than Kate =]

Merci beaucoup for your lovely comment darling =]

Sorry for the late reply!

Stay safe and chic ma chérie,

English Rose x

Julls said...

I adore this summer outfit ! Can't wait for hot weather and carefree outfit !

vdcouture said...

gosh i envy you! you're super slim and gorgeous and i love your outfit, keep posting!

love, vdcouture

Fashion Rehab said...

Really nice pics, love the outfit :)

尚舒 said...


Lexy @ Quirky Explosion said...

Totally Kate Moss! She's so chic and boho, and you definitely resemble as such! :)


michelle_ said...

love how u paired the vest with d mini shorts !

thanks alot of for stopping by at my blog :)

J. said...

Very chic! Kate Moss has a style that never fails and it works great on you too! That plum shade is really pretty on you!

Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog!