Friday, May 14, 2010

longing for summer

Dress: Forever 21
Tank and necklace: Abercrombie
Shoes: Sanuk

Sorry for not posting that much! I have had a test everyday this week and finals are coming up, so I am super busy. I am so ready for summer, one and a half more weeks!! Once its summer, I will be posting a lot more. Anyways, the first picture is an outfit I wore this week. The last picture is of a my new favorite hair style, a french braid in the front.
Also, below I made a little inspiration collage!

pigtails. mixing patterns. natural beauty. california. pink. tribal. fringe. cute hats. short shorts. beachy. sunglasses.


The Beautiful and Glammed said...

AMAZING hair in all these pics, great post! Fab blog, definitely be back! Come follow TBAG if you fancy. Bon weekend!! xxx

michelle_ said...

LOVVVEEEE your skirtt !
its soo perfect for the hot weather now :)

Jessica Weingarten said...

I love that dress!