Sunday, February 15, 2009

Oxfords n Fishnets

I went down to a little area in my city yesterday and took a few pictures, just for fun. One of the outfits I had one was inspired by a w/o ad. Then I changed into a different outfit. I got inspiration for the outfit from a coach ad (shown below, sorry the picture is blurry). Outfit #1: I was in front of a grocery store in that area
Sweater: Forever 21
Oxford: Gap
Necklace: some shoe store
Shorts: unknown
Shoes: Vans
Outfit #2:
Oxford: Gap
Tee: Sinful
Skirt: Abercrombie Kids
Fishnets and socks: Hot Topic
Shoes: Converse


B said...

the first outfit is really cute, i love the simplicity. the second one is pretty sweet, too, though I'm not sure I could ever pull off fishets.

lovelovelove Converse!

Austere said...

I like thefirst outfit because you did laid back so well. I also like how you translated your inspiration into the second outfit. Great post!