Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Official Spring/Summer Wardrobe Wishlist

Spring is coming soon! Although I already made and showed you another spring shopping list, this one in is the official one.
I am so excited for spring/summer break, so I can soak up the sun and relax. Right now, I am in great need of spring clothing. Here is my wishlist on stuff I am planning on buying. Well hopefully buying since I just added up what the approximate cost would be for all this and is came out to $ maybe just like half of the stuff for now. What are on your wishlists?

1.denim shorts


3.sandals or flipflops

4.high waisted shorts
5. summer dress flat iron

7. swimsuit
8. Cowboy boots

9. t-shirts

10. few more summery blouses


Silvia said...

nice list!
you might be able to find some old school high waisted shorts at a thrift, thats where i got a pair awhile back

Savile said...

Great list! I agree with Silvia
I got vintage high waisted jeans at a thrift store. Original price 190 bucks. And the ones you may find at a thrift are originals and maybe better quality.