Friday, September 5, 2008


Ok so I have a lot of money from my birthday. I am going to spend it all on clothes. Here is my wish list of stuff I want. Just random wants and needs! Sorry about the slacking off on posts. I've been kind of busy.
Doc Martens for my Halloween Costume. Being a Gothic Fairy with my friends.

I've been wanting these for months! But it would be like 3/4 of my money...

Some American Apparel shorts for my dance classes. I desperately need some.

Maybe not this beret, but something similar to this, like a different pattern.

Still been wanting these! Just a bit pricey for tights. I will probably get them though.


Copycat Sasha said...

I adore those tights! Where are they from?

Tori said...

The tights are from free people.

donna AND navaz said...

Berets are great! But watch out for hat hair (cue shameless plug...). Learn how to avoid it here:

Melissa said...

I love the tights and Minnetonkas. They are so cute--but maybe not together :]