Saturday, January 1, 2011


Happy New Year everyone! Here is the outfit I wore to a small restaurant party I went to last night with a couple of my friends. I took a few snapshots of the outfit before I went out.
This is the second to last day of my winter break. Not looking forward to going back to school, but at least there is only one semester left! I will try to keep up with posting, especially posting my outfits!
Dress: Guess
Jacket, shoes, & bracelets: Forever 21
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Laura said...

Great outfit and your hair is so beautiful!!
Maybe we can follow eachother if you like? ;)

Eline Blaise said...

Love the dress!

Sharina said...

You look gorgeous!:)
Love the way you styled your outfit!

Shari of Aviator Shades

Iulia Romana said...

Happy New Year ♥

You look so beautiful in this photos !

Becky-May said...

lovely blog, you're style is great! love your hair tooooo!


The Flower Girl


Fashion Nicotine said...

You have a great body!