Tuesday, March 16, 2010

trend alert: fringe

My newest favorite trend this spring is fringe. I see tons of fringe tops, shoes, accessories, etc sprouting up in stores and I can't wait until I find a fringe top. What do you think about this trend?


HiFashion said...

I love fringe. It's such a great trend. I definitely want to own more of it.

Julia said...

I'm really liking fringe for spring! I have one fringe bag but want more, like fringe shoes or maybe a dress with fringe.

I also loved your recreation from the previous post. I think it's my favorite so far.


michelle_ said...

i love fringe !
it has that lovely boho feel to it !
im searching for a nice fringe vest at the moment :D

thanks much for the comments dear !
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pixelhazard said...

Yeah I got into fringe myself recently but I'm so picky about it all.

JadeRose said...

Aww I love me some fringing. I knew it would come back eventually. I am on the hunt for a fringed bag...fingers crossed! :))