Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

Happy 2010 everyone! Here is just an outfit I came up wit. It is inspired by this picture from RL Rugby.

Jacket and flats: Forever 21
Tank and Skirt: Hollister
Leggings: Justice
Pin: Hot Topic


Sweety P said...

Happy New Year!

LML said...

hope you have a WONDERful year!

Tariro said...

HAPPY NEW YEARRR! You look great & love the influence.

Julia said...

Happy new year! Cute outfit. I have been looking for a jacket like that.


Christen said...

You look fabulous, darling! Happy New Year!

Leslee said...

Happy New year. Great jacket. x)

swans horses and wolves said...

i love year header, it's so funny.
The leather jacker looks so good on you

rani said...

Happy New year Tori!! Wish you a prosperous 2010 , love ur jacket and skirt anw :D

michelle_ said...

i love how u took the inspiration into ur own style darling :D
you look awesome !

your blog is a good source for inspiration .
many thanks to the comment you left :D

visit / comment / follow me .
glisters and blisters

chaoskontrolowany said...

Great dress! Love it! ;))

chocandcinnamon said...

happy new year beautiful!

sinfashion said...

ey girl, i think the outfit's really cute :)