Saturday, December 26, 2009


Hi! I had a GREAT Christmas! How about you? I got loads of clothes from my parents and money from my relatives. Can't wait to show you all of my outfits (which will be coming when school starts back up again). Here is just a few pictures taken with my new camera!! I am hoping to learn more about lighting and things like that because I want to become a better photographer.
One of the favorite gifts I got this Christmas (besides my camera obviously) is the Teen Vogue Handbook. It is my new fashion bible. I love it. It has gorgeous pics, great interviews, and helpful advice. Anyone else get this book?
Can't wait for the New Year!
I had exposure down to -2 for these pictures. I think they turned out great!

My sister and I showing off some of our new clothes

My dog Christmas morning. I zoomed it up all the way. My camera has a 7x optical zoom!! (:


Tariro said...

Love the outfit! & you and and your sister are both so stylish! cute doggie.

P.S im gonna steal your clothes. just know that lol

Adela said...

you have such pretty hair! and your dog is soooooooo cute! =D

xo, Alexi said...

hey! i realy like your blog- it's pretty cool. and your style is really cute. cant's wait to see the new outfits and i'm definitely going to check out the book

Sweety P said...

You and your sister are so stylish and pretty!