Monday, September 14, 2009


Hi! Since I am really busy during the week with school, I do not have time to post fun, quirky outfits. So during the week I decided I will post a few outfits I have been wearing to school recently. Don't worry, I will still be posting cool photoshoots over the weekend! I actually have a few outfit inspirations to recreate. =)
Speaking about school, I just joined my school's Vogue Club. I am so excited to start doing our activities! In October you might go to our city's fashion week. And in April we are doing a runway show. The runway show will feature clothes from a local boutique and many local people that are in the fashion industry are coming!! I can't wait.

I am really liking white lately. So that is why I decided to wear this outfit!

I wore this on my birthday! I tried to go for the rugby/preppy look.

Just a few basics I bought over the weekend. I really wanted a plaid shirt, a leather belt, and a bag for winter.


katrina said...

oo, sounds like a great club!
i wish i had the same in my school!

And great finds , plaid plaid plaid!1


SUGAR said...

aaaaw i want a vogue club!! im way jealous ;)

setting one up is no on my to-do list....


Christen said...

You look so stylish in both pictures - and what a fun club!!! I wish they had had one when I was in school :)

Sher said...

You look so sweet and fresh in all your outfits! I love white too, I'm always on the lookout for more white:) And your vogue club sounds pretty amazing!

Etrapar said...

hahah...then you'll have fun at school ^.^

nookie said...

cute outfits!

Tariro said...

Sounds like a cool club! You look great in all the outfits!

Gerri Ward said...

OMG! YOU are solely a MODEL!!!
p.s. I luv, luv, luv your outfits they are solely FAB like YOU!!!
p.s. The Vogue Club sounds FASHIONABLY FAB!!!:)

Lilee said...

wow haha great header! omg cool outfits! your legs! ahhhhhh jealous

Anonymous said...

the club sounds so fun! my school doesn't have anything cool like that...i love the rugby shirt!

Patty Ann said...

i love these, you're a regular hollister girl! but i agree the second definitely has a very rugby and preppy vibe!! your so cute!