Tuesday, May 19, 2009

End of the Year

Hello! Sorry for the lack of posts, it was because last week was finals week. Now I am happy because this week in my last week of school! So excited for this summer. We had an end of year ceremony tonight and here is the dress I wore. Thanks to my sister for doing my hair!!

Dress: Betsey Johnson

Shoes: Forever 21


Crystal said...

really cute. it works well together. want to trade blog links?

Tariro said...

I LOVE THE DRESS! And the shoes!

a student said...

its gorgeous! i love love love the dress :}

I am thinking about selling some headbands on a blog store. I made some samples and was hoping i could get some feedback..if you have time check out my blog, and the geadbands :}

La Fée said...

aww I love the ruffles :)