Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Presidential Inauguration

I watched the Presidential Inauguration at school today. While everyone was twiddling their thumbs and yawning during President Barack Obama's speech, I was captivated. I thought his speech was inspiring and uplifting. I liked his whole "hope over fear" Here is his speech in case you want to here it again or you did not have a chance to watch it:

But being the fashion person I am, I was noticing the outfits Obama's wife and kids were wearing. What did you think of them?

Obama was looking extra dapper in his tux, tie and his purple scarf. But as for Michelle, I was not a big fan of her yellow coat and dress. Maybe if she coat was shorter than the dress, it wouldn't have look so....lemony....Hopefully she makes a comeback with a beautiful dress for the Inaugural Ball.

Also, I thought his daughters Sasha and Malia Obama looked adorable. They looked like they stepped out of a Vogue, but kid style.

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donna AND navaz said...

I love the daughters, esp the older one. So classy! And agree, I love the 'we choose hope over fear' bit...it's the only bit I can remember!